COVID-19 Procedure Update: When you come and visit.

We have a few changes in light of Covid-19 guidance laid out by the government that we have introduced for your safety. How we look and operate is a little different in order to comply with this, and to keep your, and our, safety a priority. We have put a lot of thought
into how we can best serve you, and these measures are in place to both protect you, the client, and us the therapists.

Please have a read of the below prior to planning your visit and making any bookings, our aim is to reassure you so you can enjoy a relaxing treatment with us

When you make a booking

– our consultation form will no longer be on paper and needs to be completed prior to your appointment. We will call you the day before, please make sure to leave a correct telephone number upon booking so we can contact you. If there is a suitable time, tell us in the ‘notes’ on the online booking
– you must declare if you have, or have had, any symptoms of COVID-19
– pre-payment option should be taken when booking and will be requested for all bookings as we become cashless, and there will no longer be an option to pay in the shop
– Some therapies have been removed for the time being such as Cupping treatments and Hot Stones. This is precautionary and is regularly reviewed

When you arrive at your appointment

– Please arrive promptly for your appointment, no more than 5 minutes early
– Please arrive with your face covering on, during treatment you may remove it for comfort when face down
– The door to Omh will be closed when you arrive and your therapist will meet you at the door
– You will be asked to sanitise your hands when you enter and remove your outdoor coat
– Your therapist will ask you if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 and may take your temperature with a contactless thermometer
– Your therapist will show you to the room, and provide you with a box to place your belongings in during the treatment
– Your therapist will be wearing face protection and will remove any personal protective equipment directly upon completing your treatment in the room
– We have hand sanitisers in each room which your therapist will use at the beginning and end of your treatment
– Please bring with you essentials only, no extra bags or purses
– We ask you to keep your phone in your bag or pocket throughout, and only remove it once you have left the premises

After your appointment

– We have scheduled appointments so that there is no overlap for safety and you are not in the waiting area with anyone else
– Please bring with you your own water as we will no longer be able to provide this
– We also kindly ask you do not stay longer than 10 minutes following your appointment in order for us to prepare the space for the next visitor

While most bookings can be done online, if you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to call us, and telephone bookings may be more appropriate for some.

For example; if you are immunosuppressed, suffer from heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, consider yourself to be of higher risk or have been taking further precautions for someone in your family but you would like to come for a treatment, please call us we will be glad to support you to come at a time most appropriate for you. We may in some cases have to caution or refuse treatment, although we will assist you where we can.

We understand that symptoms of Covid-19 can present rapidly, you may have to isolate at any time for your own health or others; and that this may change from the time you made your booking. It is therefore vital you contact us as soon as possible should this be the case, and we are happy to re-arrange your appointment once you are completed your required isolation.

Please note our cancellation policy is still in operation, where appointments are missed with under 24 hours notice the full amount will still be charged. We hope as clients you are appreciative of our reasons for this and are understanding. All therapists at Omh are self employed, and missed appointments deny them their daily income. This is more pertinent than ever now where income has been severely disrupted during our long period of closure.

When we reopen your safety and our ability to keep operating are our priority, so although this may sound a lot in practice it is not too much, and we hope this will give you the reassurance required to relax into your treatment knowing all precautions that can be taken have been taken. We thank you in advance for helping us to maintain these standards for the safety of all, and we will be continually reviewing and amending in line with changing advice. We so look forward to opening our doors and welcoming you back!

With Love,

Omh Therapies