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OMH Exists to Make you Feel Better…

Who We Are

OMH Therapies opened at Edinburgh Airport in 2006 and the name alludes to the sacred syllable taken from Indian Sanskrit, a vibration “OM” and the letters stand for Oils – Massage – Healing which are the basic components for the treatment experience.

Our logo is a fusion of the Reiki symbol and the OM symbol shown below which represent the calm, peaceful and healing environment we have worked hard to create and continue to nurture.  Our therapeutic treatments from different cultures have been carefully constructed through passion, diligence, determination, experience and quality training.

Like Life itself, we grow, develop and change through time and our move from Thistle Street to Randolph Crescent facilitated expansion and we now offer Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness and various health promoting classes and workshops seven days a week which has taken us from mobile site to Boutique Spa to the all encompassing Health & Well Being Centre we find ourselves in today.

Note from The Founder Sadna Kanani

“I sometimes smell Lira Uganda and sometimes I catch the colour of green that takes me back to my home town.” Sadna Kanani


My Journey and OMH.

In 1972, our family sought refuge in the UK, fleeing the oppressive regime of Idi Amin in Uganda. At just 14, I found myself in a new, safer environment. While my family and I worked tirelessly to build our new life, we were deeply moved by the kindness of some of our neighbours, though not everyone welcomed us warmly.

Despite my desire to help others, I was discouraged from pursuing medicine, told I lacked the aptitude. So, I embarked on other career paths, eventually starting my own business after marriage. Yet, the feeling of being off course persisted.

Following significant life changes, including a mental health crisis and marital separation, I embarked on a new journey. At 42, I enrolled in university, determined to fulfil my long-held aspirations. Graduating with a BSc in Complementary Therapies – Aromatherapy from Edinburgh Napier University, I proved to myself that it’s never too late for change.

Becoming a Reiki master complemented my expertise, allowing me to offer holistic healing. Thus, OMH Therapies was born from my passion to aid others in their journey to wellness. Starting with quick fix treatments at airports, we aimed to provide solace to weary travellers to longer more targeted therapies.

Guided by the universe and supported by those around me, OMH Therapies thrives, currently in central Edinburgh, dedicated to restoring balance and well-being for all. Our mission remains steadfast: to make you feel better, inside and out.

Our Family Of Therapists


Sadna Kanani (Founder)

Our Founder (BSc) – Director
























What Our Customers Say About Us

Felisia is incredible, I'll always wait for her to be available as she's incredibly skilled and attentive. She always remembers our previous visits and does an excellent job at making my body feel reset. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
Betty Mullins
Lovely massage at OMH as always. Left feeling so much better!
Ana Topuridze
Great place, professional prep discussion before the first appointment, very flexible regarding offering appointment. The Sport Massage was great, my neck and shoulders amazingly relieved and relaxed afterwards. A pity I do not live near by. Thank a lot for this experience. Will come back during my next stay in Edinburgh
Alexandra Smith
This place is my favourite in Edinburgh for massages and I’ve been coming here for years. Natalia was very helpful in giving me lots of advice and tips which I appreciated and my body felt great afterwards.
Rebecca Resnic
Another great massage highly recommend. All stress and tense shoulders gone.
Anja Ruft