Who We Are

OMH Therapies opened at Edinburgh Airport in 2006 and the name alludes to the sacred syllable taken from Indian Sanskrit, a vibration “OM” and the letters stand for Oils – Massage – Healing which are the basic components for the treatment experience.

Our logo is a fusion of the Reiki symbol and the OM symbol shown below which represent the calm, peaceful and healing environment we have worked hard to create and continue to nurture.  Our therapeutic treatments from different cultures have been carefully constructed through passion, diligence, determination, experience and quality training.

Like Life itself, we grow, develop and change through time and our move from Thistle Street to Randolph Crescent facilitated expansion and we now offer Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness and various health promoting classes and workshops seven days a week which has taken us from mobile site to Boutique Spa to the all encompassing Health & Well Being Centre we find ourselves in today.

Our Founder

Sadna Kanani (BSc) – Director

OMH Therapies is a product of the unique vision of its founder Sadna Kanani. Sadna studied a BSc in Complementary Therapies – Aromatherapy from Edinburgh Napier University.

After 11 years at the helm of OMH Sadna has embarked on a new adventure in Malaga, Spain where she is planning alongside her sister Bindi to open a Therapy, Yoga & Cookery  Retreat Centre in the sunshine. Sadna has entrusted the continuing care and guardianship of OMH to Lee Noquet, her long standing friend and colleague who was there at the beginning in the Edinburgh Airport location and has promised to allow OMH’s presence in Edinburgh to continue.   

Our Family Of Therapists

Joanna Bednarek (DSM, DRSM, SMTO)

Available Tuesdays Thursdays Saturdays & Sundays

Joanna was born in Poland, where she studied Slavic Literature, Culture and Politics at Jagiellonian University, before later moving to Munich, Germany. It was here that she became interested in holistic health following her experience working with children with ADHD. Having seen the effect that nutrition and lifestyle can have on peoples’ lives, she decided to pursue this as a career and went on to study nutritional therapy. 

Giovanna Castaldo (BSc, MSc)

Available Fridays – Mondays, and late night Tuesdays and Thursdays

Giovanna, originally from Italy, graduated in Biological Science , specialising in nutrition and was awarded a first class honours degree in both (BSc, MSc) in 1998 and 2004 respectively from the University of Naples.

We were delighted to welcome Giovanna back into the bosom of OMH family after a period of absence which she spent living in the USA. The team all feel are richer for the wealth of experience she brings which she shares so generously with her colleagues and clients alike.  

Katy Lonsdale

More information coming soon… 

Fay Denwood

More information coming soon

Anna Kiminska

More information coming soon

Lin Graham (Dip)

Available by request on Saturdays only

Lin studied biochemistry to degree level and for many years worked in Medical Research.  Feeling that this path was not quite right she began her training in bodywork some twenty years ago with Aromatherapy and Swedish massage.  Since then she has qualified in Seated Acupressure Massage with advanced techniques, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing and Balancing and Hot Stone Massage.  She has also attended numerous CPD courses in bodywork and movement and dance.  Her main interest is how body mind and spirit are interwoven within the whole being each affecting the others. 

Lin is passionate about helping people to find a way to release unwanted stresses as she believes they have far reaching effects on body mind and spirit. Many years of dance training in several different styles has lead to her interest in, and awareness of  alignment.  

Audrey Yeardley B.Ed (Hons)

Available by request on Thursdays only

Give or take the odd detour, Audrey took up a self-imposed challenge at a very early age to follow the voice of her intuition. Like most psychics, this means listening to an inner voice-and being comfortable in the dream world- frequently being taken out of personal comfort zones, where the road to developing and fulfilling this kind of potential is like travelling through a labyrinth; and trust in what you are being told is essential. 

Audrey visits OMH most Thursday’s from 11.00 – 16.00 and is available for spiritual guidance, Tarot Cards and Numerology and sessions last from 30 -90 minutes. Audrey has always been very generous with her time but she does have to travel some distance to be with us and therefore we kindly ask that you offer at least 24 hours for cancellations.