Who We Are

OMH Therapies opened at Edinburgh Airport in 2006 and the name alludes to the sacred syllable taken from Indian Sanskrit, a vibration “OM” and the letters stand for Oils – Massage – Healing which are the basic components for the treatment experience.

Our logo is a fusion of the Reiki symbol and the OM symbol shown below which represent the calm, peaceful and healing environment we have worked hard to create and continue to nurture.  Our therapeutic treatments from different cultures have been carefully constructed through passion, diligence, determination, experience and quality training.

Like Life itself, we grow, develop and change through time and our move from Thistle Street to Randolph Crescent facilitated expansion and we now offer Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness and various health promoting classes and workshops seven days a week which has taken us from mobile site to Boutique Spa to the all encompassing Health & Well Being Centre we find ourselves in today.

Our Founder

Sadna Kanani (BSc) – Director

OMH Therapies is a product of the unique vision of its founder Sadna Kanani. Sadna studied a BSc in Complementary Therapies – Aromatherapy from Edinburgh Napier University.

After 11 years at the helm of OMH Sadna has embarked on a new adventure in Malaga, Spain where she is planning alongside her sister Bindi to open a Therapy, Yoga & Cookery  Retreat Centre in the sunshine. Sadna has entrusted the continuing care and guardianship of OMH to the Management.   

Our Family Of Therapists

Joanna Bednarek (DSM, DRSM, SMTO)

Joanna was born in Poland, where she studied Slavic Literature, Culture and Politics at Jagiellonian University, before later moving to Munich, Germany. It was here that she became interested in holistic health following her experience working with children with ADHD. Having seen the effect that nutrition and lifestyle can have on peoples’ lives, she decided to pursue this as a career and went on to study nutritional therapy. 

Giovanna Castaldo (BSc, MSc)

Giovanna, originally from Italy, graduated in Biological Science , specialising in nutrition and was awarded a first class honours degree in both (BSc, MSc) in 1998 and 2004 respectively from the University of Naples.

We were delighted to welcome Giovanna back into the bosom of OMH family after a period of absence which she spent living in the USA. The team all feel are richer for the wealth of experience she brings which she shares so generously with her colleagues and clients alike.  

Fay Denwood

Fay came to massage and holistic therapies from a background of nursing. Recognising the great benefits in her own life, she took a course in Swedish Massage in 2017 and has been a therapist since. She has further added Deep Tissue and Traditional Indian Head to provide deep relaxing therapeutic treatments for the whole body.

Fay is also a Yoga Teacher with a wealth of knowledge of the physical and energetic bodies; mostly specialising in yoga therapeutics for Women’s Health.

Craig Scott

Craig found Complementary Therapies around ten years ago when suffering from a frozen shoulder. He received a massage from his Kung Fu teacher not only helped his shoulder, but completely changed his direction in life.

Craig has found his passion in Complementary Therapies and martial arts and combines the knowledge of the two in his therapies. He is now a very accomplished therapist who teaches Swedish Massage locally and offers professional, relaxing but purposeful treatments gaining popularity in his very short time at OMH. 

Fernanda Graziano

Fernanda is originally from Argentina where she started a path as a Reiki practitioner in 2010. Always she was keen on Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and specially in Holistic Therapies. Based in Edinburgh, she graduated as a Wellness Therapist being qualified in different types of massage such as Full Body massage, Thai Foot massage, Facial Massage and Indian Head Massage. As she wanted to improve her anatomy knowledge and qualification, she is specialized in Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy .

Greg Medgyes

My Name is Greg and I’m a remedial massage therapist and a holistic practitioner. I’ve got qualified in remedial massage therapy back in 2011. My very first work experience was in a salon in Hungary which I’ve been managing on my own. I mostly worked with clients who’s been involved in professional sport, therefore treating sports injuries and maintaining minor conditions of my clients with Swedish, deep tissue, and remedial techniques. Later on I started working in a local Spa to get a brief knowledge about aromatherapy, which eventually led me to move to the UK.

Felisia Iacovone

My name is Felisia and I’m originally from Italy. I moved in Edinburgh in 2015 and straight away I started to study.
In 2019 I graduated in Wellness Therapies qualifying in various types of massage such as Swedish massage, Thai Foot Massage & Indian Head Massage.
I’m very passionate about everything related to the human body, I think it’s very fascinating. I love being able to help other people feel better, to improve their well-being.
My personal goal is to continue studying to improve my knowledge and skills and as a matter of fact, I’m currently studying for the Diploma course in Remedial & Sports Massage.

Carlo Bozza

Carlo Bozza is a massage therapist specialized in soft tissue therapy treatments. He is currently offering services of Complementary Therapies and Sports & Remedial Massage here in OMH therapies and in physiotherapy clinics and in a Spa in Edinburgh.
The passion for massage began in 2015, after a fracture on his right foot, convincing Carlo to embark on a new career. Started first with the study of the well-being of body and mind, Carlo have now complete the studies in sports therapy helping him to develop an optimal management of injuries, but maintain and integrate relaxation and mindfulness treatments to give the maximum benefit to the clients/patients.
Carlo is offering treatments of Relaxation Massage, Bamboo Massage, Body Massage, Head and Shoulders Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Sports Massage.
His favourite hobbies are cycling, running, swimming, martial arts, yoga

Szilvia Varga

My name is Szilvia, I’m a Massage Therapist and a Holistic Practitioner.
In 2012 I started to study General Thai massage which opened the door for me to the path of massage therapy. I learnt Swedish-, Hot Stone-, Aromatherapy-, and Pregnancy massage, Lymphatic Drainage, energy healing techniques like Reiki and Quantum Touch, and several types of Wellness treatments.
I have gained experience in various places. At first in Hungary, Budapest and later on in the UK and in Norway. I have worked in High Street Salons and in Luxury Hotel Spas as part of a team, or as an independent therapist. My core values have never changed; strive for the best possible result without causing any harm. I believe that every single person is different and that’s why the treatments should be tailor-made. It is the only way to find the most effective techniques for your well-being.

Audrey Yeardley B. Ed (Hons)

Give or take the odd detour, Audrey took up a self-imposed challenge at a very early age to follow the voice of her intuition. Like most psychics, this means listening to an inner voice-and being comfortable in the dream world- frequently being taken out of personal comfort zones, where the road to developing and fulfilling this kind of potential is like travelling through a labyrinth; and trust in what you are being told is essential. 

AUDREY is back again, with sincere Tarot Guidance available, by phone.

Her e-mail is: tinkerbellcalling@tiscali.co.uk

Her phone number is 01333-311102.

Astrology Readings are available, by post, and they make excellent gifts for friends and family.