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Nutritional Therapy with Ruth

Initial Consultation (90 minutes): £85
Follow up consultation (60 minutes): £55
Naturopathic nutritional therapy combines fundamental principals of naturopathic tradition with the most up-to-date Western nutrition research. It can benefit anyone – whether you are looking for natural ways to support a health condition, or just feeling confused with all the contradictory information in the media about what the best diet is for you and your family.
Your initial consultation will take the form of a 90-minute consultation in which a full review of your health history will be carried out, along with an analysis of your current diet and how this may be driving your symptoms. We’ll then work together on your nutrition plan: I will make suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes and we’ll work together on what feels practical and achievable to you, depending on your own lifestyle and preferences. A course of supplements may also be suggested, this will be tailored to suit your budget. You will go away with handouts, recipes and a copy of your plan.
Follow-up appointments can be arranged as and when required, and a discount is available for ongoing clients. Some find returning regularly helps them to keep on track, others find a single session enough to set them off in the right direction.
Please note that a 3-day diet diary should be completed before your initial consultation, therefore please book an appointment that gives you time to complete this.
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For further information please visit my website – I will happily call you to discuss what I can do to assist, just fill out the contact form on my website.